The City of Napoleon, Washington State

Today, Chetlo Harbor in Washington State looks pretty much like the picture below, taken from the site of the Chetlo Harbor Shellfish Company.

But in 1910, the location was going to be Napolean, the biggest port in the world!

Source for ad. You can blow up the text to readable size there.
     Posted By: Paul - Wed Aug 14, 2019
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That's too bad. It might've been a real Bonaport.
Posted by Kate on 08/15/19 at 08:42 PM
OUCH! Excellent pun!
Posted by Paul on 08/16/19 at 10:04 AM
How about fixing the spelling error in the title?
Posted by ges on 08/18/19 at 12:04 AM
D'oh! Thanks, GES!
Posted by Paul on 08/18/19 at 11:09 AM
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