The editor who featured herself

The undergrads at Tampa University had major complaints about their 1967 yearbook. For a start, all their yearbook photos were destroyed in a warehouse fire. So they didn't appear in it at all. And then, the yearbook they got was dominated by pictures of one person, the yearbook editor Carmen Gonzalez. Her picture appeared 24 times in it, including a six-page spread devoted to her as yearbook queen.

When people complained, Gonzalez explained, "I got into every section because I was in everything." She elaborated that she was not only yearbook queen, but also belonged to at least 10 clubs, was named a member of Who's Who, and had the highest scholastic average at the university. Therefore, it was only natural that she gave most coverage to herself.

The students responded by holding a rally at which they burned 500 of the 2000 yearbooks that had been printed.

Sounds to me like Gonzalez was a woman ahead of her time. She would have thrived in the age of social media.

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How hard would it have been for them to have re-taken the students’ photos? I know they didn’t have smartphone cameras and Instagram back then, but at least they had Fotomats. And who the hell from the faculty was supervising this?
Posted by Brian on 02/07/18 at 09:17 AM
It's all about ME! ME! ME! ME! And don't you forget it!
Posted by KDP on 02/07/18 at 11:07 AM
In things like this, it always gets to me that someone doesn't have the most basic information.

". . . belonged to at least ten clubs." She can't sit down, reflect for a few minutes, and list what she belonged to in four years? As editor, she was surely given a list of all the clubs at the university. Couldn't she go down the page, ticking off which ones she'd joined and then counting the checkmarks? What was she, a liberal arts major?
Posted by Phideaux on 02/07/18 at 02:19 PM
What's with the poses? Trying to hide her mustache?
Posted by ges on 02/07/18 at 11:37 PM
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