The House in the Middle

Atomic bombs hate slums, but respect a nice clean domicile.

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Jun 13, 2019
     Category: Buildings and Other Structures | Death | Destruction | Domestic | War | 1950s

So after everybody dies from radiation sickness, the cockroaches will have a nice clean house with flowers planted outside,
Posted by ges on 06/13/19 at 08:23 AM
If I could have enough notice before a blast I will be sure to clean the area around my house, treat/paint wooden fences and replace the roof shingles. Would not want any old crap structure to vaporize.

agent j
Posted by agent j on 06/13/19 at 09:45 AM
The "National Clean Up – Paint Up – Fix Up Bureau" ??? They made that up, didn't they?
So, don't build your house at the Nevada Proving Grounds. Location, location, location – duh.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 06/13/19 at 09:47 AM
Virtual, according to Wikipedia the NCUPUFUB was "invented by the National Paint, Varnish and Lacquer Association trade group."
Posted by ges on 06/13/19 at 10:53 PM
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