Tiger Trouble

So far as I can tell, the tiger stalking Galveston is still on the loose. But the Galvestonians could have it much worse. Consider the plight of the citizens of the Sundarbans in India.

I first learned of the reign of man-eating tigers here ten years ago, watching this series of PBS's NATURE show. One episode revealed how the natives had to wear human face masks on the backs of their heads to avoid tigers pouncing on them and eating them. (It was not a totally successful tactic.) I believe this bit later showed up in the wonderful Calvin and Hobbes strip, with Calvin trying the same tactic to avoid Hobbes's attacks.

Well, the tigers of Sundarbans continue to feast on human flesh, as we learn in this new report. Read, and be happy no tigers roam your city's streets.

This photographer, who goes by the handle of Jimbojack, has some wonderful photos of the region for you to look at.

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Sep 21, 2008
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Tigers like sharks, alligators, bears, lions, and other large carnivores are just too damned dumb to understand that WE are at the top of the food chain.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 09/21/08 at 11:36 AM
Expat47--if it tastes good, eat it, is my motto, and the tigers'!

No extra respect given to primates!
Posted by Paul on 09/21/08 at 04:21 PM
Patrick--thanks for the confirmation of my memories of the great C&H;!
Posted by Paul on 09/22/08 at 11:28 AM
Nick--glad to provide some new wallpaper for your screen!
Posted by Paul on 09/22/08 at 11:29 AM
Nick, by photoshopping, I assume you too want to see this tiger being ridden by a Boris Vallejo-style spearmaiden.

Possibly with smoke coming from his mouth and nostrils.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 09/22/08 at 11:36 AM
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