Toe-Popper Returns

Olayinka Alege made the news (including News of the Weird) back in 2009. As Assistant Principal of Tampa's King High School, he was in the habit of disciplining students with sagging grades by "toe-popping" them. This involved having them remove their shoes and socks, then bending or pulling a toe until it made a popping noise. This didn't hurt, but the students understandably were weirded out by it. One student was toe-popped twenty times.

Last month Alege was back in the news. He's now up in Providence, RI, but still working in the public school system. He's been charged with forcibly massaging a student's feet. For the record, he's pleading not guilty.
     Posted By: Alex - Sat Jun 26, 2021
     Category: Crime | School | Feet

Thanks for highlighting my local weirdness, Alex. Olayinka Alege was instantly fired once he was charged. But the guy who hired him was collateral fallout, and had to resign. Turns out the boss man knew of the earlier charges at hiring time, but trusted Olayinka Alege when he swore it would never, ever happen again!
Posted by Paul on 06/26/21 at 10:15 AM
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