Turnpike Toll Gun

Introduced circa 1962 by Lyman Metal Products, the Turnpike Toll Gun allowed drivers to shoot quarters and nickels into toll baskets. I imagine that, nowadays, whipping one of these things out at a toll booth could get you in trouble. But it's still possible to pick one up on eBay if you gotta have one.

Source: airgunenthusiast.com

Cedar Rapids Gazette - Nov 4, 1965

Spokane Chronicle - Jan 23, 1963

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jan 22, 2020
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Those of us of a certain age remember the drama of having to toss coins in turnpike toll baskets... so a gadget like this would have been welcome. But all things considered, I’ll take EZ-Pass any day.
Posted by Brian on 01/22/20 at 08:35 PM
I remember an old Mad Magazine collection of "inventions" which included this. With art of someone using it on a human attendant with unpleasant effects.
Posted by Ross on 01/22/20 at 08:54 PM
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