Unlikely Reasons for Murder No. 14

Source: The Monitor (McAllen, Texas) 02 Nov 1960, Wed Page 1

"I was sick and tired of having to ask for every nickel from my wife," was the reason retired film producer James Howlett gave Glendale police for trying to hire a man to murder his 78-year-old wife.

     Posted By: Paul - Fri Jun 02, 2023
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I asked my lawyer what a divorce would cost. He said it'd be more than having her killed. Oddly, he was at the time defending a murder-for-hire case.
Posted by Phideaux on 06/02/23 at 09:36 AM
Did Mr. Howlett get the $40 returned for services unfulfilled?
Posted by KDP on 06/02/23 at 10:50 AM
"Dear, may I have $40 for a down payment on a hit?"
Posted by ges on 06/02/23 at 03:40 PM

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