Urban Parking Myth Documented

You know how you want revenge when someone blocks your car in -- by parking so inconsiderately you can't get out? Does your revenge fantasy involve a baseball bat? This one also includes cement at about 1:00 minute in.

Anger management classes may be recommended.

     Posted By: gdanea - Wed Jun 26, 2013
     Category: Vigilante Justice

As phony as a three-dollar bill.
Posted by jtolleridge on 06/27/13 at 12:40 AM
It definitely looks as though the car really was filled with concrete, but it's probably a junker. At the very least, the guy in question had a convenient tripod-mounted camera, which makes this very suspect. Add in the willingness of both the guy with the bat and the cement truck driver to be on camera on YouTube, and thus visible to the cops, and I say jtolleridge is right.
Posted by TheCannyScot in Atlanta, GA on 06/27/13 at 05:09 AM
Ah, but the question posed relates to your fantasies about doing something when your car is blocked in by idiots parking their cars where they shouldn't.

My fantasy involves high explosives wired to the ignition.
Posted by KDP on 06/27/13 at 09:24 AM
I'm curious why you think it was shot with a tripod when the camera is clearly in motion the entire time, including getting out of a car. If there is one thing I am confident of about this video it is that it was NOT shot with a tripod.

Several things in the video lead me to believe this is real and most likely shows a young Russian man with mob connections acting in a typically over the top manner intended to bolster his reputation as a tough guy.
Posted by Miles on 06/27/13 at 01:55 PM
Not sure if it is real or not, but it certainly is an over the top revenge idea.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 06/27/13 at 07:17 PM
Yeah, definitely not tripod-mounted; in addition to the shakiness, you can hear the two guys with the camera giggling like maniacs while this happens. :-D Also, chattering away in what sounds like Russian, so I totally believe this to be legit. There are some crazy, crazy shenanigans involving cars over there.
Posted by Calli Arcale on 06/28/13 at 12:21 PM
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