worry 080728

More Things to Worry About on Monday
During a spat, Marlene Mackenzie, 76, fired a deadly cocktail glass at husband Robert, 80, and got him in the head; he gone . . . . . Saudi tribes are being ravaged by the economy, too, in that some murder-victim families now demand millions of bucks in blood money from poor perps' families; pay up or he dies . . . . . U.S. House and Senate: 17 percent female; Rwanda Parliament: over 40 percent female . . . . . Dermatologists' waiting rooms: Melanoma? Siddown, wait your turn; Botox? Please step into our lounge, We'll be right with you, Can we get you some refreshments? . . . . . At the intersection of Drake and Green Meadow in Oshtemo, Wis. (near Kalamazoo), yesterday, three different drunk drivers crashed within two hours . . . . . A mountain of garbage fell over on scavengers at a Guatemala City dump, killing 4 (14 more, missing) (to add to the 8 killed in a similar avalanche at another of the city's dumps in June). Today's Newsrangers: Frank Brown, Paul Music, Stephen Taylor
     Posted By: Chuck - Mon Jul 28, 2008

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