worry 080729

More Things to Worry About on Tuesday
A canned eel drink went on sale in Japan this month, and eel is so popular that authorities are worried about "eel fraud" cases [Ed.: Like, what, is somebody substituting slugs for eel? What's lower than eel?] . . . . . Motorist Darrell Favorite, 39, crashed into a house, and since he wasn't wearing a seat belt, he, personally, landed on the roof . . . . . A British cosmetics company introduces Guy-liner and Manscara, and says it's not just for transvestites! . . . . . Vice President Cheney said he couldn't give a speech to the Disabled American Veterans convention in Las Vegas unless they all got their prosthetics on and were in their wheelchairs with their bladders evacuated two full hours before his arrival (Security, you know).
     Posted By: Chuck - Tue Jul 29, 2008

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