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More Things to Worry About on Wednesday
A quite-quite-large New York City woman incorrectly disembarked from her gym's abductor machine (the thing that you squeeze your thighs together on), and her pants caught, and she was "sling-shot" across the floor (and had to be hospitalized, taken away by paramedics using a "Stokes basket" instead of a stretcher) . . . . . There is such a thing as a voracious fish that looks part-gar, part-snake, and part-gator, right there in that lake near Tempe, Ariz. . . . . . The scrap-metal market grows: A guy was arrested in Miami, Fla., with a 40-ft municipal street lamp tied to the top of his car, headed for a recycling center (People gotta "do what they damn need to") . . . . . Complications in the family tree: A California lesbian couple each bore twins, 22 days apart, with the same donor's sperm, and one of the moms' eggs, so they're quads? . . . . . Shikukawa, in the center of Japan, celebrated its annual belly-button (i.e., center of the body) festival last weekend, with people drawing funny faces on their tummies and dancing through town.
     Posted By: Chuck - Wed Jul 30, 2008

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