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More Things to Worry About on Friday
The estranged husband whose face was a "waffle" pattern had no trouble convincing police that his wife had, indeed, beaten him with a meat tenderizer . . . . . "Naked man impaled on rusty metal spike" (yet another instance of a man looking, ineptly, for some outdoor privacy to attend to a nature's call) . . . . . Minor-party politico Kishor Samrite, who helped Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the recent elections in India, decided to thank a Hindu goddess for the victory, which means, as usual, animals paying the price (in this case, 200 sacrificed goats and 4 sacrificed bulls) . . . . . And in Chuck's opinion, not much else went on yesterday (except for that guy who went nuts on the Greyhound bus in Manitoba and spontaneously stabbed his seatmate to death and severed his head, but then, you all already know that, 'cause the story's everywhere now). Today's Newsrangers: Michael Ravnitzky, Robb Ludwig, Scott Langill, Neil Gimon, Dan Peerless, Geoffrey Megargee, Perry Levin
     Posted By: Chuck - Fri Aug 01, 2008

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