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Always better to be able to pay full price for the funeral. Watch out if you prepaid, or, even worse, get an indigent's burial. In Allendale, S.C., a home might have fit a 7-footer into a 6-foot, prepaid coffin, and in Houston, a home might have confused a male with a female and cremated the wrong one. Associated Press via Charlotte Observer /// Houston Chronicle

Encouraging: an Israeli Jew working closely with Palestinians.(but the project was the robbery of a bank in Ramallah) (and guess who the mastermind was, you anti-Semites, you!). Agence France-Presse via Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In the last 6 yrs in hospital ERs in and around Austin, Tex., a total of 2,678 of the visits were made by only 9 people, who of course know the secret words that require the hospital to treat them ("chest pain"). American-Statesman

Indonesia apparently permits criminals to profit from their "celebrity," so "Ryan," the gay serial killer awaiting sentencing (which could be "firing squad"), whose autobiography is already on the shelves, is set to debut his angelic voice in an album of pop songs, My Last Performance. Agence France-Presse via Herald Sun (Melbourne)

It was published yesterday, but The Sun's story is certainly real, about one of Sir Richard Branson's health clubs in Acton, England, starting a program for pets. It's just that the pictures look a little April-Fool-ish (but, as with the health clubs themselves, the pets in the pictures all seem to be buff). The Sun
     Posted By: Chuck - Thu Apr 02, 2009

Funerals Seems to me none of the folks mentioned are complaining. Are they?

9 People God forbid someone be able to act logically without fear of some ambulance chaser taking them to the cleaners.

Buff Pets Why not? Gold plated pooper scoopers, mink coats for cats, health spas, so now a gym. Spend, spend, spend.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 04/02/09 at 01:39 PM
I googled "ryan gay serial killer" and got a ton of websites about him. He's a strange dude (there are pics too, he looks totally normal) I will not be downloading his songs to the ipod or buying his 'memoirs' either.
Posted by Skitt in SW USA on 04/02/09 at 04:55 PM
You know why I hate posts from The Sun? Page Three! My pointer gravitates to it and chooses it and I never get to read the articles. I mean, why else would one get The Sun. The writing is fantastic!

I remember being 17 and visiting England. My first day there I am waiting for the rest of the tour group in the hotel lobby when I see this guy reading The Sun. He must have been on page two because there was page Three in all its (her) glory. I'm waiting for the Wall Street Journal to follow suit, but I'm afraid they'll be featuring Larry Summers in a Speedo.

Oh great, now I just replaced that horrible vision of Oprah I had a while back with that. Patty! Skitt! I need some counseling again!!

Posted by DownCrisis on 04/02/09 at 11:27 PM
I'm Canadian; I would have to be on my deathbed to go to the ER, because I hate having to wait for 3-5 hours.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 04/03/09 at 09:02 AM
@Kingmonkey, It would be great if ER wait times were that low in this country. From my personal experiences, the only people that wait less than 5 hours in the ER are women in labor, sick babies, and heart attack patients. Our politicians repeatedly hate on Canada's health care, but ours is just as slow and more expensive.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 04/03/09 at 10:11 AM
Criminal profits - I see no problem with this if we can then directly charge them all court and legal costs associated with their incarceration and death sentence.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 04/03/09 at 10:14 AM
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