You Know Who I Am

A case of mistaken identity?

The Daily Standard (Sikeston, Missouri) - Apr 7, 1952

Brief Encounter. In Cambridge, Mass., Theodore Murphy complained to police that a man he did not know appeared at his apartment door, punched him in the face twice, departed saying: "You know who I am."
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What's the frequency, Kenneth?
Posted by KDP on 06/30/16 at 09:36 AM
"You know who I am."
Yeah, you're the idiot that punched me in the face!
Posted by Captain DaFt on 07/01/16 at 01:05 AM
I heard a knock on my front door, opened it and peered out. Nobody. But then I heard a tiny voice say, "Down here!" I looked down and it was this huge freakin' snail, about 12 inches in length. Like any concerned homeowner, I screamed and kicked it as far away from me as I could. One year later, I heard a knock on my front door. When I saw nobody there, I looked down. It was the snail. He screamed, "What the hell was THAT for?"
Posted by Greg on 07/02/16 at 07:58 AM
I had the nagging feeling this story was similar to another that I posted about before, and finally figured out what the other one was. It's the "I thought you were Jerry" case from 1953:

So it's a recurring theme of people attacked because of mistaken identity.
Posted by Alex on 07/02/16 at 09:06 AM
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