zimbabwe currency

Presto! $10B (Zim) now worth $1 (Zim)!
And don't y'all try anything funny by price-gouging or speculating, said President Mugabe, or there'll be hell to pay! The largest bill, to be issued tomorrow, is $500 (Zim), which will replace $5T (Zim). London's Daily Mail, by the way, today produces a photo of a 7-23-2008 bank draft from MBCA Bank (in Harare), for the hand-written amount of, er, $1.072Q, which would be one quadrillion, 72 trillion. (Bonus: the account and bank tracking numbers are clearly visible, but so is "Not Negotiable" on the original draft's printing, so it might be a fake, but maybe it'll keep the Nigerian 419 scammers busy for a few days.) Associated Press via New York Times // Daily Mail
     Posted By: Chuck - Thu Jul 31, 2008

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