5000 Hedgehogs Needed

I do not believe this mystery has ever been definitively solved.

Source of first clipping: The Guardian (London, Greater London, England) 07 Oct 1935, Mon Page 7

Source of second clipping: The Guardian (London, Greater London, England) 09 Oct 1935, Wed Page 9

Source of third clipping: Western Morning News (Plymouth, Devon, England) 05 Jan 1937, Tue Page 4

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My first thought was it might be a misprint. After a flood, a newspaper reported "30,000 pigs" at a local farm had been washed away. A later edition carried the correction that the farmer had said: "30 sows and pigs."

Long ago I read of a series of odd adverts in a London newspaper, things like: "Will the owner of the blue Jag which is in our duck pond please remove it before the weekend." They seemed to indicate there was a clique of rich people having wild parties which resulted in unusual collateral damage, but no one ever identified any of the people involved or if the ads were actually serious. Some of them suggested quite outrageous behaviour. After a while, the ads stopped as mysteriously as they had started.
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