Vector Portraits by Andrew Bush

"Photographs made while travelling 50 to 70 mph in Los Angeles and other parts of the Southwestern United States." 1989-1997.

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     Posted By: Alex - Thu Jan 11, 2024
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When I click on it comes back as UNSAFE SITE---DO NOT ENTER
Posted by F.U.D. in Stockholm on 01/11/24 at 01:50 PM
F.U.D. -- I don't get that message using Safari or Chrome. Then again, maybe hackers now have all my data.
Posted by Alex on 01/11/24 at 03:46 PM
I use Chrome under Win10 with the standard 'protections.'

I don't get the separate screen where you have to click to accept responsibility for continuing to the site. The address bar does have the "Not Secure" warning but nothing in red and no pop-ups.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/11/24 at 08:02 PM
Firefox gives me a screen saying the link is taking me to a url that is described by "http://..." whereas I have a browser setting that I only want to go to "https://..." pages. (The 's' means 'secure'.) I then click on the 'proceed' button, and everything is normal after that.
Posted by Virtual on 01/13/24 at 06:47 AM
Yeah, as someone who works in this business: this site is not evil, but it is badly managed. It's not doing anything actively wrong, but it's also not doing anything right that it should do. Visit and look around all you want, but do not enter any information in any form on that site. Or on any site you visit through a link from it.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/13/24 at 01:01 PM
WU isn't https. Something I've been meaning to change for ages. Keep procrastinating.
Posted by Alex on 01/13/24 at 03:52 PM
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