Animating Plants

Many people talk to their plants, but the plants don't talk back. However, a new invention allows the plants not to talk back, but at least to communicate, by moving. For instance, you could ask a plant if it needed to be watered, and the plant would shake up and down to indicate 'yes'.

From the patent granted to Richard J. Maddocks et al:

The present invention can provide a method and a system for the human interaction with plants. The present invention can also provide a method and a mechanism to animate by physically moving the plant in response to human voice or touch input. Additionally, the present invention can provide a commercially practicable method for humans or machines to assign personalities that will govern the plant's behavior.

The invention can provide an opportunity for retailers, distributors or gift givers to customize the behavior and content of the plant's behavior.

The present invention can provide a technique for the plant through its behavior to communicate its physiological needs for irrigation, light, fertilizer etc.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun May 09, 2021
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Maybe it would make a cute gift. However, your "communication" is with the light and moisture sensors, not the plant, and it's the servo motor that's "behaving".
How about adding listening, so it can tell you what music to play for it.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 05/09/21 at 09:09 AM
I was thinking about "The Day Of The Triffids."
Posted by KDP on 05/10/21 at 12:29 PM
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