The best photo wins

Back in 1956, there was a lot of harrumphing in political circles after Virginia Grant was elected Democratic national committeewoman from Oregon, beating her rival Gladys Last. The complaints centered on the fact that 33-year-old Grant was pretty much an unknown with no political experience (she was a waitress at the Aloha Room bar in Portland) who didn't bother to campaign much at all, whereas 46-year-old Last was an old-hand at politics and had campaigned actively.

But what really scandalized people was that in the voters' pamphlet mailed to all registered Democrats, Grant included a "glamour shot" of herself, while Last just used a "regular photo." And it seems to have been the photo that tipped the election in Grant's favor. She won by an 18,000 vote margin over Last.

Their photos are below. (I could only find a watermarked photo of Last's). Which one would you have voted for?

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Dec 26, 2014
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And the Last shall be First.
Well, Not this time! :lol: :coolsmile:
Posted by Tyrusguy on 12/26/14 at 02:00 PM
It would be interesting to know if Ms. Grant was effective in the job.
Posted by Steve E. on 12/26/14 at 02:55 PM
Are you sure those aren't pictures of the same person?
Posted by Tom on 12/26/14 at 06:25 PM
Last looks like one of those grade school teachers who all the parents love but is evil personified in the classroom.

I assume a lot of power-behind-the-throne types frequented the Aloha Room, which is why Grant was pushed to run and why she really won.

I'm still wondering how long it'll be before someone runs for President and has to live down nude selfies taken when they were younger.
Posted by Phideaux on 12/26/14 at 07:38 PM
She was busy lubricating the political machine. That way she won.
Posted by Gator Guy on 12/26/14 at 07:48 PM
Virginia Grant served from 1956-1960. As a member of the National Committee in 1960 she attended the Democratic National Convention and refused to allow a unanimous vote from the Oregon delegation for the winner of the Oregon primary, J.F. Kennedy - she cast her half-vote for Adlai Stevenson.

She was a delegate to the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

She ran again for the Democratic National Committee in 1968 but lost.
Posted by AdamsonScott on 12/26/14 at 08:50 PM
I'd've voted for Last 'cause she really, really looks like one of the neighbor women who taught me Canasta and made popcorn balls for Halloween.

No, you dirty minded perverts I mean the card game and the home-made candy treat!
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 12/27/14 at 01:37 AM
They really do look like the same person
Posted by kinglerch on 12/29/14 at 10:34 AM
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