Court Calamity, DUI Calamity, Eye-Socket Calamity

and the Morning Edition [and the only one today!] of Chuck's News of the Weird Daily for Wednesday [and the News will be back on Friday morning!]

The District of Calamity (continuing series)
A particularly vicious, prolific teenage street mugger terrorizing one Washington, D.C., neighborhood has been given several chances by judges and youth agency officials, to the point where last week, a cop drummed up an unprecedented e-mail campaign by residents, to D.C. judges and officials, to please not let this guy out anymore before trial. So what happens? The guy gets picked up again, accused of three street robberies, and in "a paperwork mixup," released again, and U.S. Marshals are still looking for him. (Crime tip for D.C. youth: To keep from getting pre-trial detention, don't use a weapon; just sneak up behind pedestrians and beat 'em bloody with your fists.) Washington Post
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Two snapshots of the state of journalism today
(1) If you read the Pattaya Daily News in Thailand and see one of those stories in which a several-days-old dead body is discovered in a hotel room, the newspaper will have actual photos of the corpse, nude, on the sofa from various angles. (2) Or if you read the Daily News of Northwest Florida, you'll see a story like this one regarded as newsworthy. Pattaya Daily News /// Daily News of Northwest Florida
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Your Daily Loser
A 49-yr-old guy used a Bobcat loader to jack the ton-and-a-half ATM from a credit union in Leavenworth, Kan., and take it out of town and drop it from a steep, 50-ft embankment to force it open. Only, the loader didn't let go of the ATM as it fell, and it was ugly at the bottom. Suspect hospitalized (non-life-threatening injuries, though). Leavenworth Times
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People Whose Sex Lives Are Worse Than Yours
David Lemus, 51, worked as a clown ("Trim-Trim") so you know his sex life couldn't that good, but he was sentenced to 12 yrs in prison for fooling around with two teenage girls. Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Calif.) [with unclownlike picture]
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Your Daily Jury Duty
[no fair examining the evidence; verdict must be based on mugshot only]
William Ballenger, 23, Round Rock, Tex., might have killed his stepfather. ("Confessions" might get suppressed as evidence, but mugshots are always valid!) American-Statesman (Austin)
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More Things to Worry About on Wednesday

Two burglars tried to steal a 55-inch TV that they soon realized was too big to fit in their car (and a neighbor of the victim wouldn't take a $100 bribe to hold the TV until the guys came back with a bigger car). Lincoln (Neb.) Journal Star

How to tell you're driving drunk: At the end of the police chase, you accidentally run over yourself. Associated Press via Yahoo

Another one of those championship x-ray cases: a 20-month-old urchin who fell face first onto car keys, which penetrated his eye socket and stuck in his brain (but he has fully recovered!). WKYT-TV (Lexington, Ky.) [video] /// Daily Mail (London) [x-ray]

Today's Newsrangers: Stan Thomas, Karl Olson, John Holsinger, Barbara Osborn, Stephen Taylor
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Editor's Note
Thanks to the many, many readers who have tipped me to the North Carolina man who fended off a carjacker by crowning him with the frozen turkey he had just bought at the grocery store. I couldn't bring myself to it, though, because it's a Thanksgiving staple. I know two things will happen every Thanksgiving, often several times: Someone will smack someone else with a frozen turkey, and tragedies will result from attempts to deep-fry turkeys. Guaranteed. Anyway, against my better judgment, here's the carjacker story. Associated Press via Washington Post
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