Craigslist Art

In an article on, Scott Indrisek explores the strange subculture of craigslist art, which involves artists posting offbeat requests on craigslist and seeing what happens. Some examples:

Kenneth Tam offered cash to any couple who would let him observe, and film, an ordinary dinner in their home while he sat, silent, in the background.

For her 2009 “Lucky Tiger” series, Laurel Nakadate "took playfully suggestive self-portraits, and then found men via Craigslist who were willing to 'cover their hands with fingerprinting ink and touch the photographs while discussing them and passing them around.'"

For the audio installation Goodnight Call, Sophie Barbasch "provided her phone number and asked strangers to 'leave me a goodnight voicemail before you go to sleep at night as though we have been together for years.'"

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Nov 14, 2017
     Category: Art

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