Cremain Art

Alabama artist Sergio Protillo adds something a little special into his paint — cremains. People bring him the cremains of their loved ones, and he mixes them into some paint and creates a painting that's "like an additional memory to the person's life." He says one client cried when he saw his family member's cremain painting. []

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Feb 13, 2013
     Category: Art | Death

Something for the exhibitionist in all of us.

What's with the third still picture? The figure's right arm looks like something else...
Posted by KDP in Madill, OK on 02/13/13 at 12:08 PM
I like Heinlein's idea in "Stranger in a Strange Land." Make soup out of the deceased and serve it at the wake/party. (Well, I like it in principle. the realities might get complicated.)
Posted by Frank in United States on 02/13/13 at 01:53 PM
Frank, that is horrible! But the painting idea is kind of nice in a way.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/13/13 at 10:25 PM
Sometimes, what people try to pass off as "art" just burns me up.
Posted by tadchem on 02/15/13 at 02:32 PM
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