Fuel from hazelnut shells

Back in 2000, Dr. Murat Dogru of the University of Newcastle demonstrated that it was possible to extract significant amounts of hydrogen fuel from hazelnut shells.

I'd like to imagine that the world of tomorrow will be powered by hazelnut shells and poop gas.

Boston Globe - Dec 26, 2000

I wonder if there's something special about hazelnuts? Or can most nut shells similarly be converted into fuel?

More info: Newcastle University
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The fuel produced by a wood gasifier is approximately 20% H, 20% CO, and 5-10% other combustible gases. The rest is nitrogen. Nut shells would have the advantages of being denser than normal wood, naturally drier, and could be easily made a uniform size.

The only possible contribution this 'scientist' might provide are tweaks to the process to optimize hydrogen production. It would, of course, be at the expense of the methane and other gases which typically make up that 5-10% which isn't H or CO. This might (with heavy emphasis on the 'might') be achievable because of the consistency of the nut shells' composition, size, and other intangibles. The total fuel value would remain virtually unchanged.

FEMA put out an excellent resource some years ago:

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