Ghost Fashion Show

A recent fashion show in Saudi Arabia remained "Ramadan appropriate" by showing the clothes minus the models. The dresses and gowns were hung from drones and then flown down the runway.

More info (and a few more clips) here.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Jun 08, 2018
     Category: Fashion

Of course it’s illegal for Saudi women to wear any of these clothes in public...
Posted by Brian on 06/08/18 at 11:00 PM
How would they know how they fit anyway? If it's illegal for women to model those clothes and since men wear robes, just do what the Afghani would do; have men model the clothes. To achieve the normal-woman-with-hips look, choose men with wide hips and middle-aged men with low testosterone and moobs.
Posted by Yudith on 06/10/18 at 07:22 AM
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