Glenda Lawrence, “America’s First Space Housekeeper”

Now that NASA has selected a new crew for the Moon mission, I hope they have not neglected to fill this role.

Glenda Lawrence America's First Space Housekeeper. She Will Be Preparing Food For The Apollo 11 Astronauts Armstrong Aldrin And Collins Whilst They Are In Quarantine.

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Apr 04, 2023
     Category: Domestic | Food | Spaceflight, Astronautics, and Astronomy | 1960s

I hope the role of Space Housekeeper will not be attributed to the woman, as usual. At the same time, I fear that if the woman won't do it, they will try to have the Black person do it.
Posted by Yudith on 04/08/23 at 07:06 AM

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