Glue Perfume

Sold by Demeter Fragrances, which specializes in weird perfumes.

Some of their other scents include Condensed Milk, Dirt, Earthworm, Fireplace, Funeral Home, Laundromat, Pizza, Play-Doh, Sawdust, and Stable.

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Nov 16, 2019
     Category: Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

"Darling, I couldn't come yesterday because I was at my grandma's funeral!" "Nonsense! You don't even smell like funeral home!" Fret no more! With Demeter Fragrances, your excuses will be airtight! Now with new fragrances like Car Wreck, Hospital, Snow Blizzard and Modern Office and a new line of deodorants to get rid of that barroom smell, Demeter Fragrances got you covered!
Posted by Yudith on 11/16/19 at 07:36 AM
Often while boating, I've thought someone was wearing "Ooh de Low Tide." That could be another good excuse fragrance.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 11/16/19 at 10:29 AM
I prefer the smell of Oil and Gasoline, but they don't offer those. Sorry, guys. No sale.
Posted by KDP on 11/16/19 at 10:39 AM
Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing perfume.
Posted by Caveman Discussing Nuance on 11/16/19 at 08:09 PM
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