Hidden Message in “I Am the Walrus”

Everyone knows that the Beatles song "I Am the Walrus" is all about the secret death of Paul McCartney.

But back in 1968, reporter Jed Drews heard something else there.

Source: Fort Lauderdale News (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) 24 Feb 1968, Sat Page 15

I can find literally not one other online endorsement of this interpretation of the lyrics--except when Mr. Drews's article was inserted into the Congressional Record upon his testimony in DC.


     Posted By: Paul - Thu Mar 25, 2021
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In his last interview, John Lennon remarked that he was saying "Got one, got one, everybody's got one."
Posted by Morzikoth on 03/25/21 at 07:39 AM
It sounds an awful lot like "Oompah, oompah, stick it up your joompah [jumper]" to me. A jumper is similar to a USAian sweater, I think, and apparently some kids in England used to say "stick it up your jumper" before they were old enough to say "up your arse."

The way I remember the song, the first chant is "oompah, oompah/stick it up your joompah" and then someone else adds "everybody's got one" over that. Both things are sung/chanted at the same time. Then the lines from King Lear come in on top of all that, which makes it easy to hear what one wants to hear.
Posted by Laurel on 03/25/21 at 11:46 AM
Probably, we should play it backward at a lower RPM, to find out for sure what it means.

Pauls' replacement has been doing a good job for quite a while now.

Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 03/26/21 at 06:39 AM
@Laurel: that's exactly how I've always heard it. Of course, I grew up with English English, not American English, accents on the telly.
Posted by Richard Bos on 03/27/21 at 09:12 AM
Jed clearly had a lot of time on his hands...
Posted by Brian on 03/28/21 at 11:13 PM
@Richard Bos: Since I grew up with American accents, it's nice to know someone who didn't hears the same stuff I do. Thanks.
Posted by Laurel on 04/01/21 at 12:18 PM
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