Human waste explodes from kitchen wall

For years the Carlone family of Cleveland had been bothered by a foul smell in their kitchen. Nothing they did could get rid of it. Then they noticed their kitchen wall starting to bulge, until finally, on August 21, 1972, the wall exploded and covered them with 40 gallons of sewage.

It turned out that eight years earlier a technician from the phone company had accidentally drilled a hole through the sewer pipe, causing raw sewage to seep out into the wall cavity. Until it all eventually exploded.

It was reported that the Carlones sued the phone company, but I couldn't find any follow-up reports about their suit.

It amazes me that they had been living with the smell for eight years, and it apparently never occurred to them that it might be related to the sewer pipe in the wall.

Tampa Tribune - Oct 19, 1975

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Jan 23, 2019
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Eight years? I would think someone would have cut a section in the wall long before the explosion, no?

agent j
Posted by agent j on 01/23/19 at 08:40 AM
Out of sight, out of..., maybe not your nose, but certainly your mind.
Posted by KDP on 01/23/19 at 01:33 PM
Hey, there are some really dumb asses out there. This seems to include the "experts" they called in. Per Guru Ron White, ya can't fix that, either.
Posted by Virtual on 01/23/19 at 07:08 PM
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