Isaac Parker, the Hanging Judge

His Wikipedia page tells us:

Parker became known as the "Hanging Judge" of the American Old West, because he sentenced numerous convicts to death.[1] In 21 years on the federal bench, Judge Parker tried 13,490 cases. In more than 8,500 of these cases, the defendant either pleaded guilty or was convicted at trial.[2] Parker sentenced 160 people to death; 79 were executed.

Read a memoir that appeared two years after his death at this link.

     Posted By: Paul - Fri Sep 17, 2021
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That sounds like the plot for the "Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean."
Posted by KDP on 09/17/21 at 09:35 AM
In "True Grit" he is the Judge Parker Marshall Cogburn works for. As I remember he complains about Rooster's low score on "bring 'em back alive".
Posted by eddi on 09/18/21 at 09:47 PM
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