John Lennon Slept Here

In 1984, Jeff Walker paid $36,490 for an 80-year lease on Room 1111 in Miami's Deauville Hotel. The reason was that back in February 1964 John Lennon had spent a few nights in that room. So Walker's plan was to rent the room out to Beatles' fans at a premium price and make a nice profit.

But one year later, only one person had rented the room from him, for a single night. Walker noted that he could have had the hotel rent the room for him, as just a regular room, but he didnt want "a bunch of weirdos" (i.e. non-Beatles fans) renting the room.

The Deauville hotel is still around, though its website indicates that it's currently closed for renovations.

I wonder if Walker still has the lease on room 1111? I can't find any indication that he does.

Hartford Courant - Feb 22, 1985
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Miami News - May 3, 1984

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