Miss Electrical Wonderland

Miss Electrical Wonderland used a radioactive key to open 1950's Electrical Wonderland expo in San Francisco. The radioactivity of the key was sensed by a Geiger counter that then triggered a man-made bolt of lightning to flash between two towers in the auditorium.

San Francisco Examiner - Sep 18, 1950

San Francisco Examiner - Sep 18, 1950

However, the identity of Miss Electrical Wonderland was, for some reason, switched at the last minute. The pre-show publicity stated that Janet Jackson was Miss Electrical Wonderland, and a photo (above) showed her handling the radioactive key bare-handed.

However, the news on the day of the opening stated that Elaine Doyle was now Miss Electrical Wonderland, and that she "gingerly lifted a radioactive copper key from its lead lined box with a pair of long handled tongs."

Why the switch? Gotta wonder if Janet Jackson was recovering from radiation burns.

San Francisco Examiner - Sep 24, 1950

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“Miss Electrical Wonderland” — yet another great album title.
Posted by Brian on 01/10/23 at 07:12 AM
@Brian: I do not want to hear Electrical Ladyland performed by Janet Jackson.
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/14/23 at 08:49 AM
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