Nenana Ice Classic

Every year since 1917 the folks up in Nenana, Alaska have been placing bets on when the ice in the Tanana River will break up. They place a tripod out on the frozen river in February, and when the tripod moves downstream far enough to break the cord attached to it, the river ice is officially considered broken up.

You can place bets by mail, and could win as much as $300,000 (depending on how many people enter the contest). Proceeds go to charity. $2.50 per guess.

Details at

The past winning times:

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Feb 06, 2019
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At a glance, I don't see any outlier days for breakup over the years. The date averages around April 30 to May 1. So, how's that global warming thing working out for you?
Posted by KDP on 02/07/19 at 12:39 AM
KDP -- I should have mentioned it in my post. The Nenana Ice Classic has actually been studied by climate scientists. See:

And yeah, while there's a lot of random scatter in the dates, the overall trend is toward earlier ice breakups.
Posted by Alex on 02/07/19 at 07:53 AM
That global warming "thing" isn´t working out too well. On the average it´s getting earler and earlier.
Posted by F.U.D. in Stockholm on 02/07/19 at 10:02 AM
The easy part of the global warming "thing" is to find the trend you were looking for, whether you have to manipulate the data or not. The important part then becomes to convince humans it's their fault and allow them to develop a feeling of guilt, after which you monetize it, of course.
Posted by Virtual on 02/09/19 at 11:27 AM
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