Pearl Harbor Vengeance Legion

With a name like "Pearl Harbor Vengeance Legion," its members must have been pretty badass. Survivors of Pearl Harbor perhaps?

No, they were workers at Westinghouse's lamp division who had gone a year without being late or taking a sick day.


BLOOMFIELD, N.J., Mar. 15 — Member in good standing of the Pearl Harbor Vengeance Legion is Doris E. Miller, who helps make airplane landing lights at the Westinghouse Lamp Division. The membership card she is displaying certifies that she has not been late nor absent since the Jap attack on Pearl Harbor. The "Legion" has been organized by the Joint Committee of Labor and Management to combat absenteeism and is open to any employee who has maintained a perfect attendance record for 12 months following Pearl Harbor. Miss Miller lives at 36 Brighton Terrace, Irvington, N.J.

Passaic Herald-News - Mar 16, 1943

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This would be a great name for a heavy metal band…
Posted by Brian on 12/12/22 at 12:32 PM
Imagine a movie about these ladies who get their wages cut after the war and decide to take revenge against their boss. It could be named "The revenge of the Vengeance Legion".
Posted by Yudith on 12/14/22 at 06:42 PM
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