Rectal Technology, Plus Britain’s Clumsiest Arsonist

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Monday, February 2, 2009 [part two]

Prisons' new recto-tector
Britain is installing 102 of them in jails, at the equivalent of about $9,300 a pop. Incoming inmates sit (non-invasively) in an electric-chair-looking thing, and it beeps if they're smuggling in a cell phone in their wazoo. In one lockup, they found 21. 21! Daily Telegraph
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More Things to Worry About

One novel criticism of Britain's National Health Service: After staff complaints of shadowy figures in the hallway, City General Hospital in Derby said it had hired an exorcist. Daily Telegraph

A tropical marine researcher warned that the Caribbean Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish is gonna be trouble for us in that it, singularly now, has the ability to simply repeat its own life cycle indefinitely. Daily Telegraph (London)

The stray dog that had fallen into the tank of raw sewage in Kalama, Wash., was so grateful to that cop for getting his arms dirty to pull him out that he . . shook himself off right in the cop's face. Associated Press via Yahoo

"I'm a tattooist. I thought you'd like it" (said Dominique Fisher, now on trial for bloodily carving her name on her brand-new lover's body while he was passed out from a four-day booze-n-sexer). Lancashire Telegraph [link from Arbroath]

How to tell that you've let the yard go too long: When it was finally cleared, there was, to everyone's surprise, a Ford Escort, probably parked there since the early 1980s. Daily Mail (London) [yep, photos]

A Japanese sewage treatment facility just got a higher yield of gold from its gunk than some of the world's best mines get, almost 1kg per ton of ash from incinerated sludge (versus 20-40 grams per ton of ore at top mines). Reuters via Yahoo

Nobody saw this coming? The name of the Tampa middle-school girl who got a stabbing Friday from a classmate: Ms. Special Harris. St. Petersburg Times

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Your Daily Loser
Briton Lee Sood, 20, a former army gunner, apparently botched an arson attempt last May of the Walkabout Bar, and according to these-here surveillance photos, his shirt caught some flames, then his shoe, and he unwisely decided to jump into the getaway car, setting it on fire, too. He's now been sentenced to 4 yrs in the slammer (having already suffered the indignity of having some of his tattoos peel off). Daily Mail
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Your Daily Jury Duty
["In America, a person is presumed innocent until the mug shot is released"]
Rhonda Uselmann, 53, was charged with stabbing her brother-in-law with a sword. 53 yrs old, first offense, guilt unlikely? Oh, wait, she had a nice rap sheet back when she was a man. Baraboo (Wis.) News Republic
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