Select-A-Size Mirror

The Select-A-Size mirror, invented by Milton Doolittle, had a knob you could turn to make yourself look slimmer or fatter. As explained in the 1976 Canadian patent:

A mirror has an upper portion which is held in flat condition by being secured in the upper portion of a vertically extending frame. The integral lower portion of the mirror is flexible, and its curvature is variable about a vertical axis, so that by varying the curvature of the lower portion, there is provided an image of the appearance of a person's body after a weight loss, the upper flat portion reflection a true reflection of the person's face, which would change comparatively little, if at all, after a weight loss. The curvature of the mirror lower portion is varied by rotation of a knob threadedly engaging a screw that moves a lever connected to the mirror. The mirror is supported on a stand or a wall support by a vertically movable member in a hollow tube at the back of the mirror, so that it may be vertically adjusted to reflect the face of people of different heights in the flat portion of the mirror.

Palm Beach Post - Mar 20, 1983

     Posted By: Alex - Thu Mar 02, 2023
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"Threadedly engaging a screw?" I think the inventor invented a word.
Posted by ges on 03/02/23 at 08:53 AM
Rotating that knob will make you appear less bigly.
It's interesting that all items are marked with numbers, except for "P" and "P’." It makes me wonder if those letters designate "Piggie" and "Reflection of Piggie."

Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 03/02/23 at 09:57 AM
A carnival fun house without leaving the house. What a concept! It guarantees that you won't lose money to some carny.
Posted by KDP on 03/02/23 at 01:03 PM
You can select whatever you want, you'll still be as fat as you are, not as "big-boned" or "hormonic" as you fool yourself to be.
Posted by Richard Bos on 03/04/23 at 11:11 AM
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