Shaver’s Golf

Shaver's golf = a game to find out the smallest number of strokes with which you can shave your face.

Minneapolis Star - Aug 6, 1939

A useful aid for this game would be the "stroke-counting razor" invented by engineers at Gillette a few years ago. Using this tool, Gillette determined that the average man takes about 170 strokes to shave his face. So, in the game of shaver's golf, I guess that 170 would be considered par.

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Jan 12, 2021
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170 strokes seems awfully excessive!
Being a bit of an autist who counts everything, I know it only takes me 17 (sometimes 19) strokes to shave my face.
If 170 is par, I'm below by a factor of 10.
Posted by Nurtchy on 01/12/21 at 08:42 PM
Only for men who like to play with themselves.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/13/21 at 08:13 AM
Nurtchy -- 170 seemed high to me as well. Although that's the number among men not trying to conserve strokes in any way. So maybe not. Once someone consciously tries to reduce the strokes, I assume the number would drop dramatically.
Posted by Alex on 01/13/21 at 12:29 PM
Today I counted strokes while shaving. First I went just one way down my face, 22 strokes. Then, since I could feel stubble when going up and or sideways, I went against the grain for a smooth shave. That amounted to an additional 171 strokes. I had two days growth so am not sure if that increased the number. Of course it could be that I am just not that good at shaving? I use disposable razors. Today was day number 3 for the one I used. 😛
Posted by Steve E. on 01/13/21 at 01:53 PM
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