Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Here is a shot of the ancient fortress city of Sigiriya, followed by pictures of parts of the staircase you must ascend to visit the place. Please let us know if you would be eager and happy to make this climb, or prefer to remain down below.

Videos follow the still shots.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Jun 29, 2022
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Arthur C. Clarke wrote a novel that features Sigiriya quite prominently, although he's a little fast and loose with actual geography (he put Sigiriya smack on the equator). He spends a great amount of time describing the frescoes of the beautiful women placed along the rock walls. The novel is "The Fountains of Paradise" and deals with the building of a space elevator. One of my favorite books.
Posted by Brewvet on 06/29/22 at 04:04 PM
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