The Dobson Air Dart

I wonder if any plans still exist, to allow someone to build this craft today.

Original ad here.

Original article here.
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Feb 03, 2017
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I actually remember seeing ads for "build your own hovercraft" in comics when I was young, in the late 70s or early 80s.

You might not be able to get the plans for that one, but people are still selling hovercraft kits and plans:

And then there's Adam Savage:
Posted by Joe on 02/03/17 at 09:08 AM
I can't help but notice the similarity of this hovercraft to Elon Musk's Hyperloop vehicle. Each has a big fan in front, whereas most hovercraft have big fans in back -- see the first link on Joe's comment, above.

Personally, I think that hyperloop sucks, both figuratively and literally. See the top of my website, www,, for links to further discussion. MagLev is the way to go!
Posted by Joshua Z. Levin on 02/04/17 at 01:43 PM
I don't care how your hovercraft works, as long as it's full of eels.
Posted by ges on 02/04/17 at 10:37 PM
The front fan on this Dobson and Musk's Hyperloop are pumping the air around and under the passenger compartment. This makes sense, as opposed to just cramming the vehicle thru the air and taking all that friction. If you've got to have ultra speed, go Hyperloop, but those low-pressure tubes require vacuum pumps everywhere and life-support systems for the pods. The cost of that thing would definitely suck.

Joshua, I noticed at that the MagLev has it's own song. That alone should favor it over competing technologies.
Posted by Virtual on 02/05/17 at 07:55 PM
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