The doctor who made rats go insane

Dr. Norman Maier is pretty much unknown today, but Wikipedia notes that his research "received extensive publicity in its day." That research involved making rats go insane.

Life - Mar 6, 1939

The cause of man's mental suffering identified: not being given his breakfast promptly at 7 am.

The Michigan scientist said he could not actually say that his rats suffered nervous breakdowns when they were frustrated, but that their reactions resembled very closely the reactions of human beings when they did not get what they wanted.

Thus a man who is "conditioned" to expect his breakfast promptly at 7 o'clock in the morning and does not get it may develop a nervous disorder if his wife fails to provide it at that time for many mornings in succession.

Detroit Free Press - Jan 1, 1939

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Of course, there's a simple solution for the man whose wife fails to provide breakfast every morning at 7:00. "Make your own bleeping breakfast, you lazy bum!"
Posted by ges on 05/13/24 at 10:00 PM
Could the nervous breakdown be caused by expecting a decent salary for your work, then learning that you're the least paid person in the company despite having experience and being one of the top performers? Could it be because you're expected to do the work of two, then three, then four people, all for the salary of one person? No, it must be because you didn't eat breakfast at 7 am.
Posted by Yudith on 05/17/24 at 07:12 AM

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