The Weirdest Tattoos

This is surely a book that will appeal to the WU crowd. A compilation of the worst tats ever inked. If this sample is representative, we're in for a treat.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed Aug 20, 2008
     Category: Body Modifications | Tattoos | Stupidity | Books

And you know that wasn't just a drunken mistake, because that took multiple sittings. Yikes! Someone needs to just turn the TV off and back away....
Posted by BikerPuppy on 08/20/08 at 12:16 PM
When the person with the Bob Barker tattoo is elderly, however, it'll be perfect!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 12:29 PM
Big Gary--heaven forfend!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 01:24 PM
Someone should make sure this woman is spayed, though.

Paul, your comment reminds me of when I first met my brother's former wife (then girlfriend). She was about 5'2" and 300lbs. She came to meet the family (including my hypercritical mom) and wore a wifebeater tank top and no bra. She had a rose tattoo on one breast and a unicorn on the other. They were already turning into an orchid and a giraffe.
Posted by BikerPuppy on 08/20/08 at 01:37 PM
BikerPuppy--that's a priceless encounter you summon up!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 01:38 PM
DC--we aim to furnish your sleep with excitement!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 02:20 PM
I think you meant excrement, Paul.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 08/20/08 at 04:10 PM
Kingmonkey--that's the Poo-Pourri thread!
Posted by Paul on 08/20/08 at 04:12 PM
certainly a conversation starter.
Posted by patrick on 08/20/08 at 07:41 PM
I wonder if the chick with the conan o'brien tattoo is in the book. I saw her one night on his show. It was little, but still goofy.
Posted by Maegan on 08/20/08 at 11:47 PM
Fred--instead of the pro-choice slogan "Keep your hands off my body" it's "Keep my face off your body!"
Posted by Paul on 08/21/08 at 11:05 AM
Patrick--"Wanna see my Bob Barker?"
Posted by Paul on 08/21/08 at 11:05 AM
CannyScot--thanks for that heads-up!
Posted by Paul on 08/21/08 at 11:06 AM
avmayes614--we await your Young Barker tat!
Posted by Paul on 08/22/08 at 05:09 PM
Paul--thanks for the tip, I bought this for my tattoo-obsessed friend and she loves it!
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 08/25/08 at 12:40 PM
Jules--glad to play Santa's helper!
Posted by Paul on 08/25/08 at 12:49 PM
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