Tightrope Wedding

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jun 08, 2014
     Category: Daredevils, Stuntpeople and Thrillseekers | Husbands | Wives | 1950s | Europe

I suppose the heavy wedding dress would counteract its tendency to act like a sail, at least to some extent. Since I am dramatically acrophobic, and can barely summon up the courage to stand on a chair, that whole exercise was lost on me.
Well done by the cameraman and the editors in teasing with whether you could actually see her undies.
Posted by TheCannyScot in Atlanta, GA on 06/08/14 at 09:57 AM
Not to allow my prejudice to show but do her friends call her 'Ski'?
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 06/09/14 at 12:48 AM
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