When Geese Attack!

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Apr 21, 2009
     Category: Animals | Violence

The utter serious tone of voice of the narrator made me laugh til I cried.

Narrator: The crowd behind the camera is stunned in terror.
Crowd: *laughing*

Narrator: The goose gives only the briefest explanation for the attack.
Goose: *quack*
Posted by Nethie on 04/21/09 at 04:58 PM
Nethie I just bust out laighing at your comment! It's okay, I'm used to everyone here looking at me weird.
And what made the fishing guy think the bird wouldn't mind if he just moved two feet to the right and continued fishing? Moron. Clearly the bird is a vicious SOB and doesn't want you there, leave!
Posted by Jules in Connecticut on 04/22/09 at 12:47 PM
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