Your Daily Loser & Jury Duty for May 11th

Your Daily Loser - Talk about a wrong number. The Webster County, West Virginia, prosecutor received text messages asking if he wanted to buy drugs. Dwayne Vandevender originally thought the messages were a joke but after confirming the text senders were serious, he set up a sting. Michael Cowger and Anna Green were arrested and charged with possession with intent to sell. The Story.

Jury Duty - Eric Carmen. Yes, that Eric Carmen, crooner of 'Hungry Eyes' and 'All By Myself' was arrested for driving under the influence in Ohio.
     Posted By: Nethie - Mon May 11, 2009
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Guilty of having had some kind of eye-lift surgery!
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 05/11/09 at 11:34 AM
His mugshot made me giggle, so I had to post it. There's also a video clip of Carmen being pulled over by the police on The Smoking Gun. He tried to give the police officer his Visa card instead of his driver's license. Then he tried to get out of it by saying something like "my uncle is the mayor..." Didn't work.
Posted by Nethie on 05/11/09 at 07:37 PM
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