5 Films About Technology

     Posted By: Paul - Mon May 01, 2017
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I have never understood the fascination of the telephone and its modern counterpart smartphone.
Posted by KDP on 05/02/17 at 12:35 PM
Our province recently beefed up it's 'Distracted Driving' law to a fairly heavy fine and more points against you license and insurance cost. This is meant to stop the dangerous practice of using you cell phone while driving, but can apply if you are painting your toenails.
This spring the police in one city had a cop on a transit bus (which gave him a good viewpoint) and a camera He was followed by two unmarked police cars. He would photograph the perp and radio the trailing car to issue a ticket. Despite heavy media promotion before the one week blitz, they did get a hefty catch.

The bus drivers loved it.
The riders loved it. They had a less boring ride and joyfully acted as extra eyes for the officer.
Posted by BMN on 05/02/17 at 06:02 PM
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