Angier’s Petroleum Emulsion

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Mar 15, 2022
     Category: Patent Medicines, Nostrums and Snake Oil | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century | Nausea, Revulsion and Disgust

Sounds more like a glue than something you would actually consume.
Posted by Brian on 03/15/22 at 11:58 AM
Most of us know yellow petrolatum as Vaseline.
Posted by ges on 03/15/22 at 07:07 PM
Sounds like it would work as a laxative. That would be convenient, since it probably was full of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

From Wikipedia: The inventor of Vaseline traveled around New York in the 1870's, burning his skin with acid or an open flame, then spreading the ointment on his injuries and showing his past injuries healed, he claimed, by his miracle product.

Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 03/15/22 at 11:24 PM
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