Apple Peel Divination

According to old tradition, if you peel an apple and throw the peel over your left shoulder, it'll form the initial on the ground of your future one true love. But this only works on Halloween.

The Tennessean - Oct 13, 1949

The love divination spell may be aided by reciting either one of the following poems:

By this paring let me discover
The initial letter of my true lover.


Paring, paring, long and green,
Tell my Fate for Halloween.

More info: The Halloween Encyclopedia
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Oct 26, 2022
     Category: Predictions | Fruit | Halloween

Heh. We don't do Halloween in the Netherlands - or at least, didn't, until American cultural colonialism *ruined everything!!!11lI!!* - but this superstition used to be common, here. I mean, nobody actually believed it, but everybody played the game back when we were that age. Whether it "worked" or not had nothing to do with the time of year, but it was crucial that you got the peel off in one go, otherwise it didn't mean anything.
Posted by Richard Bos on 10/30/22 at 05:10 AM
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