Armored Shorts

According to info on, there's been a long, ongoing effort to develop armored shorts. However, soldiers inevitably find them uncomfortable, even though they appreciate the effort to protect their private parts.

Such shorts are sometimes referred to as 'tactical diapers' or 'battle nappies'.

I like the detail that the armored shorts (below) developed during the Korean War were "capable of deflecting about 65 per cent of all missiles."

Louisville Courier-Journal - Dec 11, 1952

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Sep 20, 2022
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I’ll ask the obvious question: What if you have to pee?
Posted by Brian on 09/20/22 at 08:03 AM
Alex mentioned that these were referred to as tactical diapers or battle nappies...
Posted by Teri on 09/20/22 at 11:36 PM
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