Army’s Copper Man

The Copper Man was created in the 1950s by Army scientists to test clothing for soldiers. I think the tubes going into his eyes makes him horror-movie material.

Santa Cruz Sentinel - May 17, 1962

In 1956 Havoline Motor Oil featured him in an ad. As far as I can tell, Havoline wasn't used in the Copper Man. The only connection between the two was that, according to Havoline, the Copper Man "thinks for itself" and so does its motor oil.

Life - June 11, 1956

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Since the first item seems to be more of a press release than a news article, I googled Durene Association of America. I found that they trademarked the name Durene in 1943, but it was used in ads as early as 1929.
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Buster avant la lettre.
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