Artists and their Sears appliances

In 1969, Sears ran a series of magazine ads to advertise its Kenmore line of appliances. The ads below all appeared in Better Homes and Gardens.

The ads featured well-known artists (musicians, novelists, actors, etc.) who owned Kenmore appliances. I guess Sears was hoping to make itself seem like a more high-end brand by suggesting that people with good taste owned their products.

It's interesting to see the homes, and appliances, of these artists. For instance, Dave Brubeck apparently kept his washer and dryer in his living room.

A week ago I had never heard of Pauline Trigere. Now she's appeared in two posts within the past few days. She should have had a loaf of bread wrapped in waxed paper in the background.

I wondered if one of the kids was Natalie Cole, but I think they're her younger twin sisters Timolin and Casey.

That's definitely not George Clooney (Rosemary's nephew). I'm pretty sure it's her son Miguel Ferrer.

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Apr 26, 2024
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