Artwork Khrushchev Probably Would Not Have Liked 13

A three-fer this time!

The artist, Lottie van der Gaag.

     Posted By: Paul - Wed May 23, 2018
     Category: Art | Avant Garde | Beauty, Ugliness and Other Aesthetic Issues | Russia

Khrushchev and I would be in agreement on this one.
agent j
Posted by agent j on 05/23/18 at 07:47 AM
I find them somewhat whimsical. Sort of like a Picasso painting in three dimensions.
Posted by KDP on 05/23/18 at 09:04 AM
The Premier perhaps would have liked van der Gaag's sculpture of a woman (?) in Amstelveen:
Posted by Virtual on 05/23/18 at 11:18 AM
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